Financial Update

Financial prayer requests graphic

As of December 10, 2021:

  • $17,000 has been applied to our Beechwood mortgage goal of $17,000

  • $17,448.60 has been received toward the Transition Fund goal of $25,000

  • $11,516.05 has been received toward the Legacy Fund goal of $25,000

  • $257,197.59 has been received toward our Operating Fund goal of $261,000


During the pandemic, the Christian Student Foundation has engaged with over 200 Ball State University students through Sunday morning worship, Wednesday evening Bible studies, Brotherhood/Communitea accountability groups, prayer meetings, and other events at the Christian Campus House.

The 2021 CSF Budget represents the financial investment it takes to reach out to those students in the name of Christ each year. We are asking God through our friends, supporters and partners to provide the financial resources and prayer so the Campus House can serve students at Ball State.

Budgeted income for 2021:  $287,000

Budgeted expense for 2021:  $286,100

These funds provide for programs, facilities (Christian Campus House, Beechwood House) and staff. In 2021, we also added a transition line to our budget of $25,000 as we plan ahead for the next campus minister.

Email Mark Pike for a more detailed report.