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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a dress code?
    No, come as you are! You are free to dress as formally or casually as you want! You can wear what you feel most comfortable in!
  • Is CCH open to non-students?
    While anybody is welcome, we cater specifically to Ball State students. Most of our events and activities are centered around student life.
  • How does communion work?
    We take communion every Sunday, recognizing Jesus Christ as the Risen Savior. All followers of Jesus are invited to this Table, regardless of denomination or membership.
  • When should I arrive?
    You can come by a few minutes early to take advantage of our cafe and enjoy some time with other students! We'll save you a seat!
  • What is the service like?
    Our hour-long service begins at 11am on Sundays and we'll worship with song, listen to a message with real-life application, read the Bible, take communion and pray. At some services, we get to celebrate a baptism and listen to life-changing testimonies.
  • I still have questions!
    We'd be happy to answer them! Drop us a line via email or give us a call!
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